Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dora!

Autumn glory!

Every year, I go out and try to take pictures of the fall colors, and every year, the pictures don't do the trees justice. This maple, out on our boulevard, is spectacular in its beauty - the color is almost magenta - it just glows! and when the sun hits it, wow!

Dora was kind enough to pose nicely for me - Dora the 1-year-old doggie!!!

It's also hard to take pictures that are as beautiful as Dora truly is. Of course, part of her beauty is in her sweet disposition and expressive face, too.

Doesn't she look stylish in her new leather collar? And her coloring blends beautifully with that of our backyard maple leaves. What a pretty girl!

Dora and her best friend, Cohen. Happy birthday, Dora!

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