Sunday, October 16, 2011

Uninvited Visitor

Scott and I went to Chicago yesterday on an outing (more on that later), and we ended up with an uninvited visitor in our car. We had bought a new plant - a gorgeous hydrangea plant (shown in the backseat of the car - more on that later too) at one of our stops - and I think our visitor hitchhiked a ride into our car.

It is hard to see our "friend" in this outside shot -

although that is where I first noticed it. I got out of the car, and when I saw him (her?) in the window, I think I shrieked "oh my God!"

Interior view. I took this photo as close as I dared, then dashed away.

Neither Scott nor I had ever seen a praying mantis in person before, ever! It was easily 4-5 inches long! It looked so exotic! And now, in retrospect, Scott said it was pretty cool. At the time, he was more than a little nervous when he was trying to coax it back outside. He ended up using a piece of paper, and the little guy/girl just crawled onto the paper, and then he transferred it to the grass.

Definitely a memorable moment from our excellent adventure in Chicago!

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