Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gen and Chris and Scott's Day of Fun!

Last Saturday was a total fun day! First, we met Gen at the Chicago Art Institute - a totally awesome place! Gen led our "tour" - starting with the Minature Rooms, where we marvelled at the amazing details, then to the new Modern Wing, where we were part of some of the art! We kept finding art that somehow related to dance - coincidence? I THINK NOT! :)

As you can see, Gen and I had some fun taking pictures while waiting for Scott to bring the car around (bless him, my feet were tired!). Before that, though, we found a gallery that was like a "greatest hits" of the Institute - American Gothic, Nighthawks, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, they were all right there. Just amazing.

After our tour, we journeyed by Prius to see Gen's new Logan Square apartment, which is GORGEOUS and HUGE! Did I say it was HUGE???? It might even be bigger than our house! (Our house is little!)
After seeing Gen, Scott and I went to "Late Night Catechism" and out to dinner at Cafe BaBaReeba, all with the Neuco bunch. A great ending to a great day!

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