Friday, May 25, 2012

Cohie Boy

This darling puppy is now almost 4 years old, and lives with us. His name is Cohen, and he is actually belongs to our daughter, Emily - but due to his incessant barking whenever she would leave the apartment, he has lived with us for the past year.

Emily adopted him from the local Brew Beagle Rescue group, as Cohen is part Beagle.

LOTS of dogs are part Beagle.

Isn't he precious? Doesn't he look like he'd be no trouble at all?

Looks can be deceiving! Sometimes, I call him "Mr T" - as in, Mr Trouble, or Mr Tinkles. Although, he is much better on the second thing now!

Cohen is obviously part Beagle - just take a look at his pretty, pretty coat.

Yes, he IS pretty - even though he is a boy. Pretty boy!

But he is also part JACK RUSSEL TERRIER. Have you heard of this breed? SUPER high energy, SUPER high intelligence - which means he is very smart about finding ways to get into trouble. Hence the Mr Trouble part.

He has been known to get UP ON TOP OF THE DINING ROOM TABLE, if something up there is very interesting. Once, he dug in a potted poinsettia. Thankfully, he didn't eat the plant.

Recently, Scott left a partially eaten pizza on the table while walking Dora (our other dog). The pizza was GONE when he got back into the house. Also thankfully, Cohen suffered no ill effects.

This IS Cohen - a fun, free-spirited doggie. Yes, trouble sometimes - but he is so sweet, and charming, and we love him to bits.

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