Saturday, July 7, 2012

Color Challenge #13 Aqua & #14 Maroon

Two more color challenges finished -here is #13 Aqua! I love this block! Aqua is an old favorite color of mine - I had several cute aqua fabrics, including that fun daisy print (don't know the maker, but I found it at JoAnn). Add a pinch of lime green, some deeper green and blue - ta da!
Color Challenge #14, Maroon - and also a closeup of our new garden gate! This block was the most difficult yet. Maroon is NOT a favorite of mine, I am not drawn to it in the quilt store at all. I found exactly one piece in my stash, the batik print with red, pink, and lavender on a maroon ground. I mixed in a red print, some pink, lavender, aqua, and yellowy gold. And now I really like this block!

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