Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Challenge #15 - Lime Green!

My favorite color! (just ask my family...) As a result, I had plenty of lime scraps - didn't have to cut any strips from my stash, nor did I have to purchase any fabric for this challenge.

Perfect evening: 15 Minutes lime green scrap play + Big Bang ( + white wine - out of picture!) = happy me!
Lime green "made" fabric - who could pick a favorite from these lovelies? Certainly not I! I love them all!
Lime block - love the aqua/lime print for the "X", don't you? I've shown the block on one of my favorite sewing tools - my rolly chair! I sew some seams, roll over to press, then roll back for more sewing. Better watch out when I'm "on a roll"!
Lime green block - last color challenge coming up this week!

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