Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Color Challenge #3 - Avocado

Time to catch up on my color challenge posting - and on posting in general!
Our home laptop is a little old, and a little slow, and - well - that's about my only excuses. So here we go:
To review - Victoria, over at 15 Minutes Play, has been issuing a weekly color challenge. We assemble scraps of the assigned color, plus other colors to match and/or contrast . It has been interesting to see how different colors work together (play together?), which I would not have usually chosen to "match". I had lots of green prints - from my deep stash - including this spashy Alexander Henry print, which is gorgeous! I ended up adding hot pinks, oranges, and golds with the avocado.
I used a red batik for the "X" of the block.
First three finished color challenge blocks: mauve, ochre, and avocado.
Stay tuned for more colors!

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