Thursday, July 5, 2012

Garden Walk July 4th - Hydrangea Tour

I LOVE this hydrangea! I had read about this hybrid, called Incrediball - so-called, because of the HUGE blossoms, plus the stems are extra strong, to support the flowers. I found this at the local Home Depot, on clearance, last fall. I had to create a spot for it, on the spot - and loves it there. How about that?
Don't know the name of this one - I call it Cone-Shaped Hydrangea. We bought it at an awesome garden store in Chicago last fall. Remember the praying mantis that piggy-backed its way into our car? It was on this plant!
Hot pink hydrangea!
Last - but NOT least - our "crown jewel" - Oak Leaf Hydrangea. It is gorgeous! When it first bloomed, now, and into the fall. Hope you enjoyed my little tour!

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