Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get your Groove On!

Well, I guess this little surprise flower is pretty groovy! My daughter, Emily, gave me her jade plant, which now resides in my cube at the office. Imagine my surprise, last Monday morning, to come into the office and find this ONE purple shamrock blooming in my jade plant! It must have tagged along at the nursery when they were potting the jade.

See my Jeopardy! calendar? This has become a fixture in our office. Jeopardy - also groovy! Not only do some friends drop by EVERY DAY to play the daily question, but I also have quite a list - work friends and also family members - who ask me to email the question to them every day. It's a fun way to keep in touch!

Today's Jeopardy questions:
1. Large mammals: This antlered palmate is the largest in the deer family.
2. Catwomen: Name the other two actresses to portray Catwoman on the Batman tv series from the 60s, besides Eartha Kitt.
On Saturday, we were lucky to attend our friend's second (third?) annual Downers Groovinia! A combo of our town's name - Downers Grove - and also Ravinia, the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Our friend, John, is seated above, playing guitar and singing. He sets up a "stage" area, complete with tent and sound system, and invites all of his musician friends to perform. It's awesome!
Wish I remembered their names - these guys are so good, when we drove up last year, we could hear the music but couldn't see them (we were parking at the front curb) - and we thought the radio was on.
It was a great day, with great music, and spending time with friends. What's better - or groovier - than that?

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