Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quilt Tour 2012 Part III

So - I'm beginning to think that I have WAY too many quilts displayed around the house! My family is used to it, I guess!
Hannah's Sweet 16, made in 2006. It was done as a surprise for Hannah's 16th birthday - I got signatures/messages from family and friends, and traced them onto these simple blocks using a Mickey Mouse light box I got at a garage sale for $1. This was a challenge for me, as I used "Hannah colors", which are not my colors! Hannah's colors are, for example, olive green, salmon pink, teal, dusty purple, golds, and browns. I usually go for the jewel tones. Not a great shot of it, sorry but this is where it lives.
Brenda's Dresden, received in an online bee swap in 2011. The one I made lives with my new friend, Helen, in New York.
Lime Green with Hearts, made around 2002. I had collected the lime green fabrics (my favorite color) and was just playing with them. My only quilt with beading.
I figured I should include my studio's design walls - this is my Color Challenge blocks, just made this year. The challenge was issued by the lovely Victoria over at 15 Minutes Play.
My other work-in-progress on the wall, this is Gypsy John - a gift for a special friend. More on this later.

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Brenda said...

hey, nice to see mine among all of yours! I enjoyed your quilt tour. I should do one myself of my house quilts.

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