Sunday, September 16, 2012

34 Years Ago Today...

Yes - 34 happy years!

Here we are at our reception, in the American Legion Hall in Delano, Minnesota - my home town.
A local woman prepared all of the food for under $100 - can you stand it? And get a load of the size of that cake! I think my mom had leftover cake in her freezer for a year!
We celebrated our anniversary last night, first with dinner at Tre Kronor in Chicago - my favorite place! It's one of those neighborhood gems - delicious, Swedish-heritage food, but with an updated, gourmet touch. Here I am, feasting on duck confit with lingonberry sauce, wild rice pilaf, and seasonal veggies. Yum!
Scott had no trouble ordering his dinner, after hearing one of the daily specials - rib-eye steak with danish blue cheese, scalloped potatoes, and seasonal vegetables. He was in heaven!
Had to get a shot with the mural in the background - it is the cutest place ever! I feel so nostalgic there, like I'm in one of my mom's aunt's kitchens - warm and cozy, and oh, such delicious aromas! And, Scott said the coffee was wonderful! (Swedes love their coffee!)
After dinner, we went to a most special show - The Mighty Ted, written by and starring our friend, Ted Waltmire. It is a musical comedy, that looks at the last three years of Ted's life - after he suffered a stroke. Ted is an amazing person, and the show was hilarious, beautifully performed by Ted and an excellent cast, and brought everyone in the room to tears a time or too. What an inspiration!

Well, we may not look quite the same - but we're still side by side, 34 years later. Happy Anniversary, Scott!

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