Friday, December 21, 2012

I must have been nice! Also, performance #6

Look what was greeting me when I got to work today! I MUST be on Santa's "nice" list! :)

Actually, we have a very nice co-worker who always leaves us each a little something each year.  Looking forward to enjoying this!
December Performance #6 - Scott and I attended the Chicago Civic Orchestra - not to be confused the the Chicago Symphony, one of America's top orchestra's...some would argue, it IS the best (I'm in that camp!).  The CCO is the training orchestra for the CSO, and one of the best deals in town is - the tickets to their concerts are FREE.  We were seated in Row 4, saw an excellent concert of Bach and Haydn, conducted by one of the world's top conductors, and all we had to pay was $14 for parking. 

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