Monday, June 24, 2013

No sewing weekend!

Must start with recent photo of lovely daughters - on their Chicago summertime day-of-fun! Shown at Buckingham Fountain:  Emily, Hannah, Genevieve.

Still recovering from our April flooding - I have been painting and painting, on the home stretch!  This shows my pantry in the stairway, a necessary item because of my teeny 1950s kitchen.  This is all freshly painted, but the color is all wrong - it's actually called Aged Beige, a grayed beige color. 

Looking down the stairs, tricky to paint our old, funky curved stairwell.  We will replace the carpeting as the final step in our post-flood remodeling.

This shows the current awful mess on my dining room table - all of the pantry contents had to removed, in order to paint.  And this is only half of the mess.

Second half of pantry mess, which also shows my teeny kitchen.  Someone recently told me they couldn't believe I had a double oven in such a tiny kitchen.  I hope to have all of this back on the shelves by Wednesday.

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