Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Grand Night for Singing!

Prescription for a lovely evening!

Start with great company - daughter Hannah, above, in the gorgeous Millenium Park gardens, with the amazing Pritzker Pavillion, designed by Frank Gehry, in the background.   No hint that that we were about to be rained on for about 10 minutes! No matter...

After our brief shower, we were damp, but our spirits were high! We were about to hear the Grant Park Symphony performing Rodgers & Hammerstein favorites, aided by 3 top Broadway soloists.  Dinner was easy - carryout sandwiches, and a bottle of red (and white for me). Delicious!

It was fun to share the evening with Hannah and her boyfriend, Danny.  Danny doesn't have the same musical background that we do, but he is an eager and willing participant.  We had a wonderful evening!

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