Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cedarburg Visit Part Two - Quilt Museum, and yes I do hand quilting

How fun to see Victoria Findlay Wolfe's ( I knew her from her 15 Minutes Play blog, you can also find her at other blog, bumblebeans inc.) Double Wedding Ring quilt exhibit!  It is a the Wisconsin Quilt Museum in Cedarburg, and it is well worth your time to visit! It is in a restored barn, on the edge of Cedarburg, and seeing quilts displayed in that venue is just perfect.  In the photo above, at the bottom, you see an awesome quilt made by Victoria's grandmother, made free-form from various fabrics, many polyesters - what she had to work with.  At the top is Victoria's modern quilt, of quilting cottons, but inspired by her grandmother's quilt.  

Close-up of the machine quilting (sorry I do not remember the name of the quilter) on one of Victoria's Double Wedding Ring quilts.

Full view of the quilt. 

Close-up view of another of Victoria's quilts - again, sorry I did not note the quilter's name.  Stunning work! Victoria has a book coming out soon, with all of these quilts in it.

Out behind the quilt museum, a blacksmith was demonstrating his craft.  Do you see how red-hot that iron got? His fire gets up to 3000 degrees! His work was fascinating - and a little terrifying! 

Who knew, me, hand quilting?  Yes, I have done it in the past, and I have recently picked it up again. Part of my inspiration is the blog of Tim Latimer (, an excellent and prolific hand quilter from Michigan.  I had this small piece sitting around, and decided to do some "big stitch" hand quilting on it, with #8 perle cotton. 

Close-up of the quilting.  I have gotten better as I go along!

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