Monday, December 29, 2014

Doppa! God Jul!

Doppa - a traditional Swedish meal, held at noon on Christmas Eve.  Doppa means dipping - you cook beef and pork roasts in water, then combine the rich broths, and dip bread into it, to enjoy with the meats.
We have no extended family here in Illinois, so we have included our friends for years.
Here is friend Andrew, with our daughter Genevieve.

Our friend, Bill, with me.  Fun day!

Our lovely daughters - Hannah, Genevieve, and Emily. So great to have them all home together!

Matt's dad, Joe, with our daughter, Hannah. Two cuties!

Dear friend, Diane (right) and her daughter, Kelly!

Friend Cindy (married to Andrew) and Scott.

Daughter Emily with a plate full of pie! A doppa tradition is - everyone who attends, brings a pie! We cut the pies into small pieces, so we can sample many varieties.  Emily seems to be regretting her choices! (I think she finished it all however!) Hannah in the background.

Hannah whipping the cream for the pies!

Cute photo - friend Lucas, daughter Hannah, and Genevieve's bf Nick.

Scott and Emily, preparing the doppa meal.  God Jul!

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