Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two Finishes! Zigzag and Journey Through

Emily's Zig Zag! This is a gift to my daughter, Emily, on the achievement of her MBA from Boston University.  I am super happy with how this turned out! And Emily and her dad did a great job with the photography! I don't even mind the shadows on the quilt.
I wanted to make a scrap quilt, and Emily wanted a more modern look - so this is my compromise.  Machine quilted by Sue Pawlowski.

Quilting detail - love the pattern, and how the swirls contrast with the angular piecing. I used a cotton classic type batt, which is loftier than the thin, more popular types.  I like how the loft shows off the quilting.

Nice pose with Emily's beagle-Jack Russel mix, Cohen.  Pretty cute.

Not the best shot, but I had to give Emily's other dog equal time.  This is her new boxer puppy, Vinny.

This was made for Matthew, Emily's fiance, on the achievement of his MBA from Harvard University.  Matt traveled all over the country, to many cities - 10, I think - in order to land his current job in Austin, Texas.  This quilt represents that journey, and all of the cities he visited.  The design is a take-off on the "Greetings from Austin" sign, in Austin, Texas.

This was lots of fun to make, and took way longer than I expected! Isn't that always the way?

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