Friday, March 27, 2015

Everything old is new again

Finished first project - but how did I end up here?
First, I started with two things:  a pile of antique dresden blocks, bought in Indianapolis about 30 years ago, and with a baby quilt I needed to make.
The mom-to-be has registered for all gray and white nursery items, very soft, and very modern.  But - I got the idea to use these blocks, because I bought them while visiting the mom's parents, years ago - when SHE was just a baby! And I know she would appreciate it.
I wanted to make a table topper first, and machine wash it, to make sure the old fabrics could take the wear and tear.  The quilt came out of the dryer looking great, no problems.

Check out these fun vintage fabrics! 

More fun fabrics, on a gray fabric - thinking of using gray and white fabrics with the dresden blocks, to suit the mom's color scheme.

I love all of those old fabrics, all colors, all together, looking great! But how to use both gray and white fabric? One for background, one for sashing? But then I saw the following quilt on (see his blog, here).  I love how he used black and a red polka dot fabric with his string pieced melon blocks, alternating every other one.  And the border, with those scalloped edges? A perfect finish! (Tim does beautiful work!)

I love that edging, but I don't think I will be adding that to my baby quilt.  I've got to finish this quilt in the next month or so!

Check out the frugal piecing of this seamstress! She used the tiniest scraps in her design! And such beautiful piecing and pressing, these blocks have passed the test of time.

It was hard choosing just 9 blocks for the baby quilt.  (More to come on the baby quilt later.) But first, I had to see if these old fabrics would hold up to wear and tear.  First, I hand washed the blocks in some quilt wash and cool water, air dried, and gave them all a good press.  Then I made my table topper, adding an appliqued center of hand-dyed green fabric.  

Another vintage touch - I used my grandma's china dish to cut my perfect circle shape. 

Finished table topper, before washing.

After washing and drying.

Finished table topper! Now - gotta get that baby quilt made!


Sujata Shah said...

LOVE this post.. Yes, use them up. It looks great with the china dish.
I kind of like what Emily has chosen as her theme. So, will you be making a quilt for the bride to be? With those colors too? Just curious :-)

Barb said...

what a great vintage piece. I love finding those "make do" areas on old quilts. I love texture and your china too!
what sweet puppy friends you have!!

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