Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Recap and First Finish of 2016 - Happy New Year!

Here we go - my finishes for 2015!  Sometimes I don't think I get very much done, but I guess I did - here is the evidence!

Love this vintage quilt top! My grandma Frances Heggestad (she signed her letters FH) created this quilt totally from scraps, her own and those given to her - she didn't buy anything! She sewed it on her old treadle machine.  My uncle, Orville, gifted the top to me, and I finished it this year by simply tying it - which is what Grandma would have done.  As  you can see, it is large! Makes a GREAT couch cuddle quilt!

"Journey Across America"

Made for my son-in-law, Matthew, in honor of his achieving his MBA, and landing a great job in Austin, Texas.  He interviewed in 10 cities all across the country in order to get his job.

"Emily's Zigzag"
Made as a gift for my daughter, Emily, on the achievement of her MBA! Do you see a theme?  Emily and Matt both got their MBA's at the same time, then both moved to Austin.
"Baby Dresden"
Made from an antique quilt block, to see if my techniques would work for a whole quilt.  
"Baby Brecken"
Made from antique blocks, combined with solid white and gray (the nursery color scheme is gray) for a dear friend's new baby boy, Brecken.  
Wedding Mug Rugs - girl version
I made a total of 16 mug rugs in less than 2 weeks! My daughter, Emily, was getting married, and all of a sudden I thought I wanted to create gifts for the entire wedding party.  The girls' mug rugs were in pale pinks and peaches, inspired by the flowers from the wedding (I had a photo from the florist). 

The happy day! The flowers were gorgeous!
The boys' mug rugs were in blacks/grays/deep purples, because of the classic black tuxedos.
Today is my birthday! Mini me at my first birthday.  I still have the afghan on the couch!

"Ethan's Gift"
Made to honor the memory of our friends' children.  Very sad.

"Maurine's First and Last Quilt"
First finish of 2016! This was supposed to be done in time for Christmas, but I put the final stitches on the binding today!  The quilt top (pattern name is unknown) was HAND-PIECED by my mother-in-law, Maurine Hudson, back in the 1940s! This is a tough pattern, with all those curves and inset piecing! She completed the top, but never finished it.  It's no wonder why she never made another quilt! The unquilted top was in a cardboard box, and I got it after she passed away.  I carefully hand washed it, did some minor repairs, and sent it out for machine quilting (by Sue Pawlowski).  It turned out great!

Great selection of vintage fabrics - feed sacks? or all from a kit? I will never know.
Happy New Year to all!

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