Saturday, November 24, 2018

Tree lighting, yard work, and sewing-oh my!

Yesterday was a first for us - we finally attended the tree lighting ceremony in our town. Downers Grove is a charming town with a cute downtown, and also great schools, parks, and services. 
Santa came to help out!

Ta da! The HS marching band performed, there was carol singing, Norman Rockwell would’ve approved.

The rest of the day was Christmas shopping, sewing (for me) and yard work (for Scott). Long weekends are the best!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful that Emily and Matt hosted Thanksgiving this year!  Emily is an excellent cook, and made the entire feast:  turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, glazed brussel sprouts, crescent rolls, charcuterie platter, and pumpkin cheesecake bars!  All I had to bring was an apple pie. 
This retro picture (c.1980) is my wonderful father-in-law, Don Hudson. Don't you love those '70s touches in the background? Orange coffee pot, green can opener, copper canisters? Don has been gone over 30 years, but his good looks live on in my husband.
We had fun recreating the old photo above.  Different time, different kitchen, but you can tell it's not 1980 anymore!  Insider note - after staging the photo, I stepped in and carved the turkey! We had lots of fun with food, babies, and football, of course!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Collin and Austin's wedding!

We were able to attend my niece, Collin's,  wedding in Fairfax, Virginia, recently.  It was held in a beautiful, historic town center - very sweet and charming.  My brother is father of the bride.  He did very well!
The wedding ceremony was officiated by my nephew, Nathan (Collin's brother).  

My family knows how to let loose and party! Daughter Hannah, niece Sarah, Hannah's husband Danny, and niece Lizz.

We are so enjoying being grandparents! Here is Lily the pumpkin.

Ella and grandma at the wedding brunch.  Good times!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving week!

I am thankful the my eldest daughter volunteered to host Thanksgiving this year!  Emily is an excellent cook, so I am looking forward to tasting her delicious meal.  Not to mention, I will not miss making most of the food and hosting the gathering this time! 

She asked me to bring my skillet apple pie.  The pie is delicious, here is the story:  (I told it before but I don't care!)

Is that not the most beautiful pie?  Made by my aunt Marilyn (may she rest in peace).  Crafted from her homegrown apples in a black cast iron skilled, with a lovely layer of brown sugar and butter in the bottom, what's not to love?

Marilyn and Gordon lived on the family farm in Wisconsin.  So beautiful and peaceful there, we loved to visit them.  Now that Marilyn is gone, my cousin Julie moved up there with her son to live with Gordon.  

I am thankful we decided to visit Marilyn on the farm.  A wonderful recipe for delicious pie, but even better, special memories.

Happy thanksgiving!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Best Day Ever!

What a joyous day! Our sweet daughter, Hannah, and Danny Prindle were married on Saturday, May 26! It truly was the BEST DAY EVER! 

Hannah and her pretty bridesmaids!  Daughter Genevieve, daughter Emily, Hannah, friend Katie, friend Lindsay.  What a great crew she has of strong, confident women!

I love how this captured a moment! Hannah was such a beautiful bride! She is so sweet, smart, clever, strong, funny - she is pretty impressive!

And what a great match she found in Danny! They complement each other so perfectly! 

A great thing about weddings - the family gathers from all over! My brother Chuck and SIL Jean (in the green stripe top) from Burke, Virginia, and SIL Marlys from Bloomington, Minnesota.  We had so  much fun!

These three! (actually, 4!)  My daughters:  Emily, Genevieve (holding Emily's daughter Ella), and Hannah.  

Just before the ceremony - doesn't Hannah look like a princess?  I love how the girls wore matching skirts but tops of their own choice. 

My love! We will be married 40 years in September!!!

I do!  Beautiful venue - Lake Ellyn Boathouse, and the ceremony was officiated by Danny's friend, Lucas.  He did an outstanding job!
Congratulations and best wishes, Hannah and Danny!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hannah and Danny's wedding shower, Walk for our Lives

  We had a pretty day in early March for Hannah and Danny's wedding shower, held at our local park district's golf course clubhouse.  The space is surrounded by windows, bright and plenty of space for mingling.  All of our daughters requested co-ed guest lists, and I must say, it's a great idea! 

Scott greeting some guests, and you can see the lovely room.

Genevieve and Lily, charming a guest. 

Cute group of Hannah's friends:  Katie, Rachel's husband, Michael, Lindsay, Rachel, Kate, and Kate's husband, Nick.

Danny and Hannah playing a version of the "newlywed game", lots of fun to watch! It was the only game we had, besides "gift opening bingo", complete with drinkable prizes.  :)

Sorry this photo is so backlit, somehow I didn't take any pictures of just Hannah and Danny! When I'm busy running things, I forget to take pictures. 

Hannah's good friend, Katie, helping out and enjoying the game.

Opening gifts!

Typical Hannah and Danny - Danny clowning around, and Hannah laughing!  They are so sweet, and have lots of fun together. It's great to see, as a  mom. 

Walk for our Lives - we participated as a family. 

My girl! Can't wait to see her as a bride in two months!
Last Saturday, I participated in our town's Walk for our Lives, walking alongside my family, community members, and led by the local students. 
Quite a lot of people showed up, on a clear but cold day.  Powerful stuff.  #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike, #notonemore. 
It was important to Emily that she bring Ella to her first march.  I agree.  

Sunday, March 25, 2018

More catch-up - Emily and Matt's baby shower, Ella's Tulip Garden quilt

We hosted a baby shower for our daughter, Emily, and her husband, Matt back in January.  We had fun decorating the house with some special family mementos, and fun shower decorations like the flag bunting. 
The quilt on the wall was made by my grandmother for my parents' wedding in 1944.  I thought the colors suited the baby shower theme.  The high chair in the background was used by me, my mom, and my grandmother!

Cutest cake ever!  Not only cute, but delish! White cake with lemon filling, and buttercream icing. (from Kirsten's Danish Bakery)

These are antique baby clothes I have. The beige one in the center was my mom's, so that dress is 100 years old! The picture in the foreground shows my mom wearing the dress. 

My lovely daughters!  Emily, Hannah, and Genevieve.  My heart is so full!

Mom and daughter.

Ella's Tulips - I had lots of fun making this.  

It looks so cute in their nursery!

Beautifully machine quilted by Sue Pawlowski.  

Baby Ella!  Born February 12, 2018. 

Ella and granddad sharing stories.  I have a feeling they will be great friends. :)

Tree lighting, yard work, and sewing-oh my!

Yesterday was a first for us - we finally attended the tree lighting ceremony in our town. Downers Grove is a charming town with a cute down...