Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Projects Finally Posted

Of course I couldn't post about Christmas gifts until after Christmas - and I just received these photos from my daughter, so here we go. I forgot to take pictures on my camera, not sure why!
I made this Christmas stocking for Emily's boyfriend, Matt. He's a great guy, and we all like him a lot. Since he and Emily spent the holidays at our house with us, I thought he definitely needed his own stocking! I added the Notre Dame logo, his alma mater. The front is scrappy/crazy pieced, the back is solid fabric, then both were overall stipple quilted before assembling the stocking. Fun project - and Matt liked it!
Emily asked me to make her a tree skirt. I love to sew for my daughters, but they haven't let me do so since they were in grade school! I was thrilled that Emily asked for something - but she didn't ask me until sometime in December! I was already up to my eyeballs in sewing projects to be completed by Christmas, and working two jobs, so I told her I would sew one - for next year. She was fine with that - and was definitely surprised when I DID finish it for this year! I found a tutorial on another blog, crazymomquilts, added a few changes of my own, and had the whole thing done really quickly. I just did simple grid quilting, and finished the edge by bringing the backing around to the front - a quick and easy finish, quicker by far than a separate binding. And it is totally fine for something that will get little wear and tear. The tree skirt turned out great, and Emily's dog, Cohen, looks just precious posing on it, doesn't he?
I guess Cohen got tired of posing - but he still looks pretty cute! Emily was unable to properly attach the tree skirt under the tree, as it was late in the season and the tree was too dry and brittle to get close to and under it. Better picture next year!

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