It was 23 years ago today...

...that my darling daughter, Hannah was born!  

She's been celebrating her birthday for over a week! My other daughter, Emily, made a fantastic cake to celebrate the birthdays of Hannah (left) and Genevieve (right).  We also had Italian food, and even belinis!

Hannah has always been cute, sunny, bright, funny...can you tell I think she's awesome?

And why be boring and dull, when you can be exciting and fun?

Hannah spreads joy wherever she goes!  She and her boyfriend, Danny, had a stay-cation this summer, finding fun things to do and places to see all OVER Chicago!

Why just smile when mugging is so much for fun?

My wish? A long, healthy and happy life for my sweet girl.

Happy Birthday Hannah! Thank you for being you! Love you lots!


beth said…
My daughter Jane's 23rd bday was yesterday! And my older daughter is named Hannah. ;) ISn't blogland fun? FUN family pictures!

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